Cheops 100 demountable pyramid by ZUCCARI – golden

This pyramid model by ZUCCARI, suitable for light treatment and meditation, is made of a golden brass tube with a 232 cm base and a height of 147 cm. It perfectly follows the dimensions of the famous pyramid of Cheops at a scale of 1:100. The angle of the Cheops model allows you to extend the benefits of pyramid energy compared to other pyramids with an evolute angle. It can be used to treat people, food and objects according to the principles of pyramid therapy. Suitable for individual and group meditation. The best result of group meditation is obtained with subjects positioned back to back. For individual and group treatment we recommend the use of the professional concentrator (item 10403) or, alternatively, 4 concentrators with a diameter of 8 cm (item 10402).


To evaluate the number and size of concentrators to be used with the different types of pyramid see the table in the images.


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